Thursday, 6 November 2014

Download Collection of Freedom Games and Apps

Freedom is the wonderful app that locks your phone or tablet away from the 'net. Designed to help reduce distractions and increase productivity, our popular desktop apps have revolutionized productivity in an always-connected world. And it is very easy to Get Freedom Apk App.

Freedom is very simple to use. Just choose what you'd like to have blocked (phone, cell data, wifi data, bluetooth), select how long you'd like the blocks to run, and hit start. Our favorite way to run Freedom is to leave the phone on while blocking both cell and wifi data (we call it 1995 cell phone mode).

And the best thing, Freedom is hard to stop - you have to wait until the timer ends so you can get back online! If you're the impatient type we do offer a preference setting that allows you to reboot the phone and clear blocks if you absolutely must (but you've got to choose this setting before starting your blocks!).

Freedom is the perfect application for people who wish to reduce distractions, to block out time to work or study, or to enforce offline periods (like during dinner or movies). It is also perfect for parents who wish to allow their children to use a device but not endlessly browse the 'net.

Freedom is a trusted app same function as sb game hacker apk and game killer apk. our desktop apps are used by hundreds of thousands of people, and we've received coverage from top media outlets such as the New York Times, the Economist, Slate, Salon, InStyle, Elle and Oprah magazine. This is a fully registered version of Freedom - we don't include any ads or in-app purchases to annoy or distract you.
Note: In Android 4.2 and above, Freedom cannot automatically disable your cellular phone connection (due to restrictions imposed by Google). You are still able to automatically disable and lock your cellular data connection, wifi data connection, and bluetooth.

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